Around the World Reading Challenge, 2015

I invite everyone to join me in a reading challenge for 2015.  The rules are simple:

1)  Agree to read and blog about at least six books in 2015, with the following stipulations:

  • At least one book must be by a North American author.
  • At least one book must be by a South American author.
  • At least one book must be by a European author.
  • At least one book must be by an African author.
  • At least one book must be by an Asian author.
  • At least one book must be by an Australian author.

2)  The books may be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama–anything.

3)  The authors may be from any time period, dead or alive.

4)  If you want to participate, just indicate your interest, along with the link to your blog, in the comments section below.

5)  After you have done a blog post for this challenge, indicate that you have done so in the comments section, include the name of the book and author, and provide a link to your post

That’s it!  Happy reading and blogging! Hope to read your posts next year!

198 thoughts on “Around the World Reading Challenge, 2015”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon this… is it too late to join in? I see that above you said that we can count in the books we’ve read earlier in the year which leaves me at this moment 3 continents short, I think. Which I’m sure I can manage…
    It’s a real wake up call actually to realise that I’m mostly focused on American & European literature, I never thought about it before!
    My blog is called:
    Waterblogged; Dry Thoughts on Damp Books
    And the link is:
    Please let me know if it’s okay to join.

      1. You said in your “About” page that your native language isn’t English. That surprised me because your writing is so error-free. What is your native language?

      2. Hungarian… And thank you for saying this – made my day! 🙂
        People seldom praise my English; but they sure pick me up on my mistakes (which can be disheartening at times).

  2. It’s August and I’ve only just come across this challenge but I’m up for it 🙂 what a fantastic idea 🙂

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