The Changing Seasons Monthly Photo Challenge: Murphy Hanrehan Park

This is my May installment of my Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons, hosted by Cardinal Guzman at his blog.  (My posts have been bi-monthly rather than monthly because I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit lately.)  As always, the photos were shot at Murphy Hanrehan Park in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis.  Some of them were taken in the evening and some were taken late morning.

My 1100 Mile Cheryl Strayed-Inspired Pledge

My Bike

Back in early January, I wrote a post in which, inspired by Cheryl Strayed, I pledged to bike 1000 miles this year and hike 100 miles.

I live in Minnesota, so the weather does not allow me to do a whole lot of hiking and biking until spring.  Well, spring is officially here, so it is time to get serious about my pledge.  I have done a little bit of “warm-up” hiking and biking in March-April (11 miles of hiking and 115 miles of biking).

But now, I need to step up the pace.  I am using my blog as a way to keep myself accountable.

My goal for May is to bike a minimum of 200 miles and hike a minimum of 20 miles.  I will post periodic updates.  If anyone wants to join me in the challenge, let me know!