Outing Lodge in Stillwater

I recently spent a weekend with my husband at the Outing Lodge, a few miles outside of Stillwater, Minnesota.  The Outing started in the 19th century as a poor house, then was transformed into a nursing home, and is now a bed and breakfast lodge.  The location feels secluded because it is set in the middle of a large park.  It is a popular location for weddings, especially in the summer when the gardens are in bloom.  Once a month or so, the lodge hosts special, themed dinners.  We were there for the Valentine’s dinner followed by tango lessons (!).  One of the owners is an artist, and she hosts paint classes occasionally as well.   The rooms vary and each is based on an different person.  Ours was the Picasso Room and was pleasant and  roomy.

I highly recommend the Outing Lodge as a good weekend retreat, especially if you include one of their themed dinners.