We are the Coldest!

Right now, in St. Paul, Minnesota, it is 24 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of 10 degrees.  Tonight’s low will be 9 degrees.

I am telling all of you this because I just read this article, which asserts that Minneapolis/St. Paul is the coldest city in the country and we are allowed to complain.

So consider this post my official complaint.

Yesterday, I wrote about the third circle of Dante’s hell, reserved for the gluttons.  Today, I want to point out that the ninth circle of hell, where Satan lives, is a lake of ice.  (This circle is reserved for the worst of all sinners:  the treacherous).   The description sounds rather like Minnesota on a nice January day.  Here’s a snapshot I took of Satan.

9th circle of hell/Minnesota
9th circle of hell/Minnesota

Since I am allowed to complain about the Minnesota winters, you are allowed to complain about this lame blog post.  My only excuse is that November is long, and the NaBloPoMo thing is not always easy!

Hope you are all staying warm!