She Rose in the Dark


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She woke up, finally.  She looked around the room and felt confused.  She saw dark walls and a single window.  The brown curtains reminded her of the braids of her favorite doll, Jessie.  The light was streaming in from outside, but she could not tell what lay beyond.  The bed she slept in was soft and covered with a single, ratty blanket.  There was no other furniture in the room.

Where was she?  Why was she so groggy?  She remembered waking in the dark in her own home right before a  hand muzzled her mouth.   After that, she remembered nothing.


These 100 words are my response to this weeks challenge from Julia’s place.  The challenge was to write 100 words, using the prompt, ….as I rose in the dark…

(I took a few liberties with the wording but kept the basic idea.)