Happy Vibrations Sex Product

From the Beijing hotel room.
From the Beijing hotel room.
From the Beijing hotel room
From the Beijing hotel room

They were exhausted.  Travelling from their home to Beijing had taken more than 24 hours, and their lack of sleep had made them crabby.  In their hotel room, they found a mini-bar, a bottle of mineral water, a tin of mixed nuts, and a collection of sex products.

The woman looked closely at the condom collection while her husband lay sprawled on the bed.  “This one tingles!” she said.

Her husband just grunted.

“And look at this one,” she said.  “I wonder how the Happy Vibrations Sex Product works.”

He sighed irritably, “Just read the instructions and let me sleep.”


This post was in response to the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups hosted by Julia at her blog.

This week’s prompt was “Read the Instructions.”

100 Word Challenge for GRownups
100 Word Challenge for GRownups

She Rose in the Dark


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She woke up, finally.  She looked around the room and felt confused.  She saw dark walls and a single window.  The brown curtains reminded her of the braids of her favorite doll, Jessie.  The light was streaming in from outside, but she could not tell what lay beyond.  The bed she slept in was soft and covered with a single, ratty blanket.  There was no other furniture in the room.

Where was she?  Why was she so groggy?  She remembered waking in the dark in her own home right before a  hand muzzled her mouth.   After that, she remembered nothing.


These 100 words are my response to this weeks challenge from Julia’s place.  The challenge was to write 100 words, using the prompt, ….as I rose in the dark…

(I took a few liberties with the wording but kept the basic idea.)


Along the Heritage Trail

Minneapolis, along the Mississippi River

The chill in the October air served as a rebuke to the clear blue sky.  As the couple walked along the pedestrian bridge hovering above the Mississippi River, the woman squinted her eyes from the glare of the late afternoon sun.   Suddenly, the woman stopped walking and inhaled sharply.  Looking down beneath the bridge, she saw a man standing next to the ruins of a once prosperous mill.  The man looked to be in his sixties and was dressed in a gray Armani suit.  He was looking up at her.  The smile on his face chilled her to the bone.


I wrote these 100 words in response to the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups hosted by Julia’s Place.    This week’s prompt was “….the smile…”

She’s been hosting this weekly challenge for quite some time, but I just discovered it today.  Here are the rules.  Check out her blog if you are interested and give it a try!


100 Word Challenge for Grownups
100 Word Challenge for Grownups

This is a weekly challenge for those who are over 16 and enjoy challenging themselves with writing. Each week you are given a prompt. It may be a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture.

You have 100 words (or the number that have been set for that week) plus the prompt to write a creative piece. If you have a blog, post it on your blog then link the URL of the post (not the blog) to the link that is at the bottom of that week’s challenge. Make sure there is a link to The Head’s Office as well. You can right click the badge above andcopy the image URL into your post.

If you do not have a blog but would like to join the challenge please leave me a note in the comments and we can sort something out!

One of the great things about the 100WCGU is how people visit other blogs and read the entries. It is all about supporting our writing and giving constructive feedback and support. For some, it is the start of longer pieces of writing, even novels!!

Do join us and see what hidden talents you discover!