1100 Mile Challenge Report

Dear readers:  A year ago, I was inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s long hike and pledged to bike 1000 miles and hike 100 miles in 2015.

I succeeded in biking 1000 miles without too much difficulty, mostly on local (Minnesota) country roads and bike paths.  It was a fun experience for the most part.  (It helped that we had a really nice summer–not too hot or humid for once.)

I ditched the hiking challenge, though.  (After getting physical therapy for my knee, my PT wanted me to do some jogging just to see if I could.  My knee was fine, so I decided to focus on combining walking/jogging rather than hiking.)

Here are a few snapshots from some of my rides.

Do you have any challenges for 2016?

My 1100 Mile Cheryl Strayed-Inspired Pledge

My Bike

Back in early January, I wrote a post in which, inspired by Cheryl Strayed, I pledged to bike 1000 miles this year and hike 100 miles.

I live in Minnesota, so the weather does not allow me to do a whole lot of hiking and biking until spring.  Well, spring is officially here, so it is time to get serious about my pledge.  I have done a little bit of “warm-up” hiking and biking in March-April (11 miles of hiking and 115 miles of biking).

But now, I need to step up the pace.  I am using my blog as a way to keep myself accountable.

My goal for May is to bike a minimum of 200 miles and hike a minimum of 20 miles.  I will post periodic updates.  If anyone wants to join me in the challenge, let me know!