Friday Fictioneers: Into the Night


She stopped to take a breath.  Where was she?  It was dark.  The rectangles of light leered at her.  She smelled urine.  A shadow started moving towards her, and she bolted. After running for six more blocks, she stopped again.  Her heart was pounding.  What should she do now?  Did anybody see her leave?  She had not meant to kill him.  She just wanted him to leave her alone.  How could she get out of it this time?  She started walking again and breathed.  She knew what she had to do.  She pulled out her phone and began to dial.


This 100-word story is my contribution to this week’s  Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge,  hosted by Rochelle at Addicted to Purple.  The story must be 100 words or fewer and it should be inspired by the photo provided.  This week’s photo was taken by Shaktiki Sharma


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Author: DebraB

I am a Professor of English at Concordia University-St. Paul. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research interests include American literature, contemporary literature, Middle Eastern literature, African literature and feminist theory.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Into the Night”

  1. Self defense. 😉 For some reason I find myself thinking of the musical Chicago. Hope she’s getting a good lawyer – or a good scapegoat. Nice. Happy New Year!

      1. I was thinking it could go two ways. One, she might go to the cops. That would involve spending some time in jail herself, since she has done a few illegal things herself. Two, she might go to a crime lord type person (Tony Soprano) and ask for his protection. Which would be better, do you think?

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