Deal Me In Short Story Challenge 2015

Deal Me In!
Deal Me In!

I just discovered Bibliophilopolis wonderful “Deal Me In: Short Story Challenge.”  (Click here for the details.)  Participants choose 52 stories to read and assign each of them a card (such as the 4 of Hearts).  Then, each week, participants randomly select a card and read the story assigned to that card.  (We don’t have to blog every week or about every story, just as much as we want to do.)

Here is my list.  I am getting a somewhat late start, so I’ll have to read more than one a week for a couple of weeks.  I’m looking forward to the challenge. Thanks, Bibliophilopolis!


(The following stories are all from Lorrie Moore’s collection, Bark)

A         “Debarking”

2          “The Juniper Tree”

3          “Paper Losses”

4          “Foes”

5          “Wings”

6          “Referential”

7          “Subject to Search”

8          “Thank You for Having Me”


(The following stories are all from George Saunders’s collection, Tenth of December)

9          “Victory Lap” (The New Yorker, 2009)

10        “Sticks” (Harper’s, 1995)

J           “Puppy” (The New Yorker, 2007)

Q         “Escape from Spiderhead” (The New Yorker, 2010)[8]

K         “Exhortation” (part of “Four Institutional Monologues” from McSweeney’s #4, )


A         “Al Roosten” (The New Yorker, 2009)

2          “The Semplica Girl Diaries” (The New Yorker, 2012)

3          “Home” (The New Yorker, 2011)

4          “My Chivalric Fiasco” (Harper’s, 2011)

5          “Tenth of December” (The New Yorker, 2011)



(The following stories are all from Alice Munro’s collection Dear Life)

6         “To Reach Japan”

7          “Amundsen”

8          “Leaving Maverly”

9          “Gravel”

10        “Haven”

J           “Pride”

Q         “Corrie”

K         “Train”




A         “In Sight of the Lake”

2          “Dolly”

3          “The Eye”

4          “Night”

5          “Voices”

6          “Dear Life”


Recent New Yorker Stories


7          Brad Watson  “Eykelboom”  (November 24, 2014)

8          Nuruddin Farah,  “The Start of the Affair” (December 22 and 29, 2014)

9          Elizabeth McKenzie “Savage Breast” (December 15, 2014)

10        Jess Row, “The Empties” (November 3, 2014)

J           Tim Parks, “Reverend”

Q         Kevin Canty, “Story, with Bird”

K          Victor Lodato, “Jack, July” (September 22, 2014)



A         Tessa Hadley, “One Saturday Morning”

2          Haruki Murakami, “Scheherazade”

3          Etgar Keret, “One Gram Short”


(The following stories are from Best American Short Stories 2014)

4          CHARLES BAXTER. Charity

from McSweeney’s


5          ANN BEATTIE. The Indian Uprising

from Granta


6          T.C. BOYLE. The Night of the Satellite

from The New Yorker


7          PETER CAMERON. After the Flood

from Subtropics


8          NICOLE CULLEN. Long Tom Lookout

from Idaho Review


9          CRAIG DAVIDSON. Medium Tough

from Agni


10        JOSHUA FERRIS. The Breeze

from The New Yorker



from The Paris Review


Q         DAVID GATES. A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me

from Granta


K         LAUREN GROFF. At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners

from Five Points


And here are some more stories from the Best American Short Stories 2014.  Maybe I’ll get to them as well.



from The New Yorker


from Iowa Review

WILL MACKIN. Kattekoppen

from The New Yorker

BRENDAN MATHEWS. This Is Not a Love Song

from Virginia Quarterly Review

MOLLY MCNETT. La Pulchra Nota

from Image


from The Paris Review


from The New Yorker

STEPHEN O’CONNOR. Next to Nothing

from Conjunctions

KAREN RUSSELL. Madame Bovary’s Greyhound

from Zoetrope: All-Story

Laura Van Den Berg. Antarctica

from Glimmer Train



Author: DebraB

I am a Professor of English at Concordia University-St. Paul. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research interests include American literature, contemporary literature, Middle Eastern literature, African literature and feminist theory.

4 thoughts on “Deal Me In Short Story Challenge 2015”

  1. You have a great list of stories here! I relied on The New Yorker archives for one of my suits this year too. I’m just coming to know George Saunders the past couple years and like him also. His story “Tenth of December” was on my list last year and was one of my favorites (albeit only after I thought about it awhile 🙂 )

    I’ve wanted to read Murakami’s Scheherzade for awhile now, as I’ve enjoyed many of his short stories. I look forward to hearing what you think about it and any others you may post about.

    Glad you are joining us, and… enjoy the challenge!


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