Boston Common: America’s Oldest Public Park

At the center of Boston lies 44 acres of open land, referred to as Boston Common. This park was once the pasture of William Blackstone, Boston’s first white settler.  The Puritans, who arrived in 1630, liked the area so much, it ended up being theirs.  (I’m not sure if they bought it or just took it.)

Today the park is a gorgeous green space dotted with many historical monuments and landmarks, surounded with prime Boston cityscapes.

I love it!



4 thoughts on “Boston Common: America’s Oldest Public Park

    • I’m sad to admit that this is the first time I’ve been here. I think it is now tied for San Francisco as my favorite American cities. What are your favorites?

      • San Francisco. I also am a fan of Chicago, when it is not frigid and New Orleans when it is not smoldering. I was in Seattle once, but want to return. And, a surprise city for vacation if you love history is Richmond. I told people I know who live there we had a great time and they asked you did?

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