We are the Coldest!

Right now, in St. Paul, Minnesota, it is 24 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of 10 degrees.  Tonight’s low will be 9 degrees.

I am telling all of you this because I just read this article, which asserts that Minneapolis/St. Paul is the coldest city in the country and we are allowed to complain.

So consider this post my official complaint.

Yesterday, I wrote about the third circle of Dante’s hell, reserved for the gluttons.  Today, I want to point out that the ninth circle of hell, where Satan lives, is a lake of ice.  (This circle is reserved for the worst of all sinners:  the treacherous).   The description sounds rather like Minnesota on a nice January day.  Here’s a snapshot I took of Satan.

9th circle of hell/Minnesota

9th circle of hell/Minnesota

Since I am allowed to complain about the Minnesota winters, you are allowed to complain about this lame blog post.  My only excuse is that November is long, and the NaBloPoMo thing is not always easy!

Hope you are all staying warm!





19 thoughts on “We are the Coldest!

  1. I feel for you. Having spent a great deal of winter up there a couple of years ago, I understand how cold it can get. The cold up there is much different than any cold I’ve felt before, and I live in the mountain region.

  2. My one time in St Paul/Minneapolis, about twenty five years ago, it was pretty cold in March/April…I spent a day at the “Mall of America” which was at the time supposed to be the largest mall in your country, and may still be. It had a giant rubber Snoopy kids could bounce around in with a water dish fountain in front of him. This was part of something called Knotts Berry Farm.

    To be honest, I was not very impressed, though there were some gob-smacking aspects to it, in particular the fact that one could get married in this mall.

    All the same, it is not really all that cold compared to Canada (where I have never been) or Russia (where I have). So if you are allowed to complain think of the poor folk of Montreal! Or worse, the poor Muscovites who have not only really, really cold winters to contend with, but also Vladimir Putin!

    Anyway Debra your post is not so lame as this comment and you shouldn’t invite strangers like me to give you a bollocking.

    • Ha! Where are you from? I am a little embarrassed about the Mall of America. That seems to be the main tourist attraction and it gives a skewed perception of the Twin Cities, in my humble opinion. We actually have a lot of cultural/educational/and recreational attractions that make the cities a great place to live–just not in the winter. 🙂 I almost never go to the Mall of America myself.

      • Hi Debra sorry I was just giving you some borax you didn’t deserve. I am sure that the Mall of America is an embarrassment of er, riches to you. It certainly would be to me.

        Koerner, Ray and Glover had an album – this dates me – with the claim on the back that “just because we’re from the wrong end of the Mississippi doesn’t mean we’re not any good”. It was true too. To balance that, the place seems to have stuck in the craw of one B Zimmerman and he only managed a year at uni there.

        I live in New Zealand, but was born and spent twenty or so years in your country. In spite of this the only time I ever went to Minnesota was as part of a tour that was a prize. It’s my fault.

      • It’s a nice place. It’s not all nice, and the photogenic parts are only part. But for me it’s fine. If you ever get down this way let me know I’ll give you a tour. Most people slip it on the end of a trip to Aussie, and that’s not bad. Lots of Kiwis live there. Sydney and Melbourne are both great cities. Wellington the NZ capital is also a truly great city though much smaller. Anyway there you go. You blog is fun to read Debra and I admire your erudition.

        It might be so that Moscow is not so cold as where you are though it gets minus 20C which is pretty cold! And of course you don’t get the Putin bonus.

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