Photo 101: Water


Ely Black and White framed


Ely 10


Day 3 of Photography 101 asked us to take a photo that included water.  I took this picture recently in northern Minnesota, near Ely.

The original photo was color.  I  used a photo editing thingy to make it black and white.  I added a few other effects as well.   Which do you prefer and why?

I’m trying to understand when black-and-white is preferable to color.





14 thoughts on “Photo 101: Water

  1. The B&W evokes the stillness of the day, a quietness, a respite into Tme. I prefer it–it provides more visual space in my mind to respond, lperhaps like a response to a quiet person as opposed to a noisy person.

  2. I like the B & W because the color is distracting and looks unbalanced with all the wood. The B& W makes it look more dramatic I agree and someone answered my question that there is a beaver dam, cool.

  3. I absolutely love this photo in B&W! It drew me in immediately. I am a MN girl, so it spoke to me. I really think it depends on what feel you are going for whether B&W or color. the B&W feels so dramatic to me, and I really enjoy the feel of this one. Great shot!

  4. I like the B&W version better. Maybe it works well for this image because the B&W version is more balanced. The strongly saturated tones in the upper 2/3 of the color version seem a bit top heavy over the beaver dam. In the B&W version, the textures of the dam, bog, and trees are better tied together in contrast to the surface of the water without the dominant weight of the strong colors. I’m still trying to figure out the answer to that question myself, but have found some help especially from Bruce Barnbaum’s _The Art of Photography_ (2nd ed.) which I highly recommend.

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